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Do you know the handbag is touted as the new shoe? Yes girls all over the planet are trading in their shoe fetish for handbags! Handbags are little functional pieces of art and are highly visible. So what's the latest?

Spring 2002 brings us an eccletic mix of exciting fashion. These days, there is something out there for everyone. A fashionable handbag is the perfect way to update an existing wardrobe and keep with the trends.

  • Embossed leather has emerged once again. Spotted on the runways, textures were popping up everywhere in fabulous colors. Sheer glamour!!
  • Fringe is fabulous. Soft shapes with a "hippie chic" feel are making a great comeback.
  • Most important - Color is in! Fun accessories, especially handbags are the best way to spice up any outfit.
The Classic Girl
You enjoy wearing neutral colors, nothing too loud.
Your wardrobe mainly consists of conservative and
simplistic elegant colors.
The Fun Girl
You enjoy wearing colors that raise an eyebrow, but still maintain a chromatic balance between neutrals and the few brights you enjoy dabbling in from time to time.
The WOW Girl
You are probably a fashion addict!
You love brights, and love having your handbag "WOW" your outfit.with your wardrobe, anything goes!
Surely you have a closet full of amusing eye popping garments full of color.
Are you all of the above?
Yes many of us actually are! This indicates that you will probably need more than one color or style handbag to go with your many moods and ever changing personality.
Choose a few different shapes and colors, then you will be armed and ready!
If you are experiencing difficulties in choosing a handbag, then ask yourself the following questions:

- Do I need a bag for day or evening, or the same bag for both?
- What do I generally carry around in my handbag?
- What is my wardrobe like?
- What colors am I most comfortable carrying?
- Do I like shoulder straps or hand held straps?

Answering these questions will help you make a practical decision to determine what type of handbag you are looking for.

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