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Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and both the second earth sign (after Taurus) and the second sign to be ruled by Mercury (after Gemini). It differs from both Taurus and Gemini, however, in being much more analytical, careful and orderly. Virgo represents the need of all life for a systematic approach to the concerns of existence. This sign can be conceived symbolically as bringing diffuse energies down to earth and grounding them. In human terms, Virgo can be likened to the efforts of the adult ego to provide structure to life and through well-ordered service to make a significant contribution to the world. Strong moral tendencies lend Virgo, The Virgin, a serious image, and indeed only certain forms of humor appeal to it. Discriminating to a fault, Virgo is in fact highly selective concerning most forms of human experience. Virgo can be seen as as evolutionary stage between Leo and Libra that transmutes fixed, steadfast and straightforward energies into gracious, social and diplomatic ones.
Personality Type If Virgo is taken to represent the sixth period of life, age 35-42, the sign can be compared to a mature adult steadily making his/her way in the world, but inevitably meeting and solving important problems (particularly at the mid-life crisis in the early forties). Secretive, Virgos are very particular both in regard to what they conceal and what they reveal - also when and how they do it. The inner world of the Virgo is not so much a dreamy one (like that of Cancer or Pisces) but one taken up with analyzing, solving, assessing. The future is also a primary focus for the Virgo, who tends to plan and work toward goals. For example, ordering a work period in order to gain free time, saving travel funds, making carefully considered arrangements and using baggage or transport space economically are all hallmarks of the Virgo's approach to a vacation. This is not meant to imply that Virgos do not enjoy spontaneity and improvisation too, but an underlying structure is usually essential to that enjoyment. The traits of speed and independence found in the mercurial side of Gemini are usually tempered in Virgo, favoring the winged god's tendency to employ his talents in the service of others. Virgos make excellent family members and co-workers, able to contribute greatly (sometimes to a fault) to the group effort. Virgos tend to take things literally, so if promised something will expect others to come through. Sometimes their sense of humor can be dampened by this literalism, although they are fond of wordplay and wit. Virgos often make silent demands, expecting that their needs will be met without having to state them verbally. Traditionally, the sign of the Virgin is pictured as modest, even prudish, but many Virgos can drop a more conventional moral stance and express their feelings and desires without restraint. Still, this freedom which they grant themselves (but rarely thoes they love) is rarely allowed to get out of control.
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