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Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, representing growth and development. It is the first earth sign and as such shows the fully incarnated spirit putting down roots. Taurus represents the nurturing aspects of the ego - caring, managing, maintaining. In human terms it symbolizes a person's steady growth from childhood to adolescence. Ruled by Venus, Taurus seeks harmony and is concerned with making its surroundings beautiful. Taurus is deeply involved with the material world. Therefore, having possessions and establishing security are vital to its existence. Because Taurus is both fixed and an earth sign it is usually pictured as stubborn and confrontative (like its symbol, The Bull), but in the interest of harmony can be surprisingly flexible. Taurus can be seen as an evolutionary stage between Aries and Gemini that transmutes fiery, direct, and uncomplicated energies into more airy, expansive and changeable ones.
Personality Type If Taurus signifies the second period of life, age 7-14, the Taurean can be likened to the child controlling more of its immediate environment - learning what belongs to it and what does not. With possessions comes a dual responsibility: learning to put them to use and care for them. Maintenance surfaces as an important theme here, as the child learns that things last longer and work better if they are treated with care. Also the capacity to share and to trade is developed. Whereas the parents were the main source of support in the first seven years, the second stage of childhood stresses learning to do things for oneself and moving toward autonomy. With this comes the sometimes painful realization that one is not always the center of attention. Meaningful roles must be established in relation to one's siblings and school-friends; cooperation emerges as an important skill which must be developed. Taureans show a great interest in all physical matters, from sex to food to sports, much as the developing child does. Although setting up and giving shape to projects is one of their strengths, Taureans do not crave constant activity, like Aries do; indeed they greatly enjoy repose and comfort. They can also function as acute observers - valuage advisors who are insightful where the activities of others are concerned. Taureans generally develop the capacity to contemplate, carefully map out a strategy and wait for the right moment to implement their plans. They do run the danger of procrastinating, however, and losing the impulse for action. Taureans like being part of a team but must retain a large measure of autonomy; their dominant urges and individuality usually make it difficult for them to stay long in the role of follower. In keeping with their reputation for stubbornness, those who work with them may periodically encounter the Taurus bottom line: my way - or no way. Taureans may be accused of selfishness, fair enough, they will protect their own interests first. But ultimately they have the best interests of those around them at heart as well. They live for the people they love.
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