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Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and the second water sign (after Cancer). Weighty and intense Scorpio is ruled by the dark planet, Pluto. With Mars as its co-ruler it shares certain aggressive characteristics with Aries, butis more fixed in its oreintation. Scorpio symbolically demonstrates the power of middle age and a corresponding ability to direct and control the life around it. The defensive Scorpion is not the only symbol for this sign. The soaring Eagle represents its far-seeing nature and also its capacity to both ascend to the heights and plummet to the depths. Scorpio has the capacity to shun human contact if it wishes, and deal with serious matters ina purposeful fashion. Pluto grants volcanic sexual energies as well as an insight into the mysteries of metamorphosis and transformation. Scorpio can be seen as an evolutionary stage between Libray and Sagittarius that transmutes gracious, social and diplomatic energies into philosophical, changeable and fiery ones.
Personality Type If Scorpio is taken to represent the eighth period of life, age 49-56, the Scorpio personality can be likened to the onset of middle age and the individual's attempt to achieve full power within social roles. This may involve being a dominant force in the family and workplace, or reaching the summit of one's creative achievement. The rulership of Pluto emphasizes the powerful, sexual, dark, fateful and deep aspects of Scorpios, while the co-ruler Mars lends dynamism and directedness, but perhaps also belligerence. Scorpios are often serious people, and those who have felt their sting know that they are not easily ignored. However, they usually do not seek confrontation but rather keep their weapons in reserve to be used in self-defense. No other sign has been more maligned than Scorpio, and indeed many Scorpios have been unfairly labeled as treacherous, underhanded and oversexed. In fact, Scorpios do have an intimate connection with the world of the unconscious. Furthermore, the themes of death and rebirth play a dynamic part in their lives; many Scorpios seem to undergo an arduous, sometimes agonized, process of transformation and metamorphosis in their personality. Generally speaking, Scorpios carry with them an instinctive understanding of the high seriousness and tragic nature of life. Therefore, they are very suspicious of pollyanna philosophies, panaceas, undue optimism and superficial attitudes or glitter. On the other hand, they usually have an excellent sense of humor, and show a mature understanding of the ironies of life. They must beware, more than most, of tendencies toward self-destructive and overly controlling behavior, addiction and in general an inability to relinquish attachments of all sorts - whether to people or ideas.
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