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Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and the third and last fire sign (after Aries and Leo). Ruled by the expansive planet, Jupiter, Sagittarius symbolizes the growing philosophical outlook of the human spirit - its expansiveness, optimism and refusal to get bogged down in details (i.e., its capacity to see the big picture). Sagittarius is depicted as an archer, a wise centaur who is half-man and half-horse, and in the same way, the philosopher in Sagittarius may let fly the shaft straight to the heart of the matter. Sagittarius will seek to ennoble the human condition - its arrows can also carry us to the stars. Sagittarius may err on the side of excess (going too far or too fast) but urges us not to sucumb to pettiness or base actions. Its Jupiterian energies encourage itself and others to see the best side of things. Sagittarius may be seen as an evolutionary stage between Scorpio and Capricorn that transmutes fixed, powerful and controlling energies into aspiring, earthy and pragmatic ones.
Personality Type If Sagittarius is taken to represent the ninth period of life, age 56-63, the Sagittarius personality can be likened to those fully enpowered individuals who have begun to move away from the world of family and career responsibilities to devote themselves to personal or universal concerns. Such an orientation is underlined by Jupiter's rulership of Sagittarius, which lends expansiveness, optimism and a desire to see the whole picture. In addition, honesty of intention and belief are strong ethical principles which Saggitarians apply to themselves and others. But although Sagittarians generally have a positive outlook on life, they too often get caught up in disputes due to their idealistic opinions. Their electric energies are prodigious but invariably flag when crucial self-motivationand self-confidence decline. Sagittarians are eternal students, constantly seeking to know more about the world. Not surprisingly, those born under the sign of the centaur are particularly interested in nature and in animals - the latter can come to represent an ideal which Sagittarians feel humans would do well to emulate. Many Sagittarians go so far as to ultimately reject many of society's values in favor of a higher truth. They must be careful not to be overly condeming of others who do not share their beliefs. The Sagittarian love of movement and travel is legendary, but when they find that groove, Sagittarians can be remarkably content to stay in one place. Within the confinement of their home, they feel comfortable to explore the realms of thought as well as to develop new, challenging projects. Rarely bored, Sagittarians constantly seek out new ways in which they can express themselves.
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