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Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the Western Zodiac. It is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Its glyph represents the relationship between these two and the link between them. The constellation of Pisces is obscure and faint ~ one of the hardest to differentiate. Its ruler is Neptune, governing everything which is misty, intangible and amorphous. It’s links with the Twelfth House carry connotations of seclusion, dreams and the unconscious mind. Pisces is a Water sign and its subjects are extremely sensitive, intuitive, emotional and receptive. It is of the Mutable quality ~ changeable, versatile and adaptable. This fluid imagery makes the Piscean character hard to pin down. It varies with circumstances and current company. Nebulous is an apt description. At their best Pisceans are charitable, altruistic, compassionate, idealistic, devoted, selfless and self-sacrificing. The Christian concept of universal love illustrates this principle perfectly. Whilst now giving way to the age of Aquarius, it is thought that the Star of Bethlehem ~ actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn ~ heralded the dawning of the Piscean age. This is a sign capable of enormous spiritual enlightenment and vision, true mysticism in fact. However, practical concerns are not so favored. Pisceans are creative, peace loving, imaginative, dreamy and kind ~ with a natural charm, generosity and humility. They are gentle, loving, sentimental, tender and romantic. Music, art and dance are excellent outlets for their Neptunian energy. Paying bills on time and doing the housework are not! They have a tendency to take the easiest option, can be too easy going, may be weak, vague, careless, and indecisive. They are easily distracted, hurt and disillusioned. Their lives readily become chaotic ~ tidiness, order and effective financial management are not usually their forte.
Personality Type Typically Pisceans operate very much on a psychic and intuitive level. They are able to sense the atmosphere in a room, or to sense the thoughts and feelings of those around them, without anything being said. They are bombarded by these psychic messages most of the time, although since they also possess active imaginations, sorting out the accurate from the fanciful is an ability which may take some time to develop. There is a need to function in a peaceful and serene environment. This is especially true at home. Conditions of stress or negativity can wreak havoc with a Piscean’s health and emotions. Pisces needs a place to which it can withdraw, recharge and recuperate physically and psychically ~ ready for their next foray into the outside world. They can benefit particularly from a strong partner. This would need to be someone who didn’t smother their individuality, but rather who encouraged this to greater manifestation and also took care of practicalities! Pisceans do a lot for people but also have a strong self-expressive drive. If harmony cannot be achieved in the domestic situation then it would be better to live alone, perhaps with pets for company. You may find it hard to recognize certain characteristics in the above description amongst the Pisceans who you know. This is due to the inherent malleability and susceptibility to outside influences of those born under this sign. Nowadays, spiritual development is often not encouraged. Thus a Piscean can be almost anything to anyone. At it’s lowest this sign can stumble through life and may easily be lead in less desirable directions. They can be prone to depression, to drink, drugs or other forms of escapism and self-indulgence. Their strong imagination and creative abilities can lead to evasion, lying and dishonesty. With the greatest spiritual potential of all the signs, this would truly be a shame!
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