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Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and both the second air sign (after Gemini) and the second sign to be ruled by Venus (after Taurus). As perhaps the most socially involved of all the signs, Libra symbolizes the need of the mature human being to take his/her place in the world. Moreover, LIbra posits a full awareness of the roles which people play on the world's stage. Libra's symbol, The Scales, emphasizes the need for balance in life. Indeed, weighing alternatives can go very far in Libra, sometimes rsulting in well-considered opinion, at other times in indecision and uncertainty. Libra aims at fair treatment for all, but can at times be overly judgemental. The venusian aspects of Libra are usually well appreciated by others, including sensuousness, charm, grace and good humor. Libra can be seen as an evolutionary stage between Virgo and Scorpio that transmutes service-oriented, discriminating and analytical energies into fixed, powerful and controlling ones.
Personality Type If Libra is taken to represent the seventh period of life, age 42-49, the Libra personality can be compared to the mature adult passing through the mid-life period and endeavoring to formulate a modus vivendi for the second half of life. Inevitably, this involves redefining social roles by reconsidering the way one relates to others. The rulership of Venus underlines the beauty-loving and social aspects of Libras, as well as their need for harmony. Paradoxically, despite the fact that Libras love things to go smoothly with few problems, they can stir up a great deal of argument through their controversial attitudes and behavior. Although generous, they can sometimes be blind to the wishes of others and proceed (either merrily or miserably) on their own way. Because of the need of Libras to see both sides of a problem, indeed to examine every aspect of it, they are capable of procrastinating. They stubbornly refuse to be rushed in making up their minds about most anything. Libras demand adequate breathing space and tend to get nervous if crowded or pressured. They are quite capable, however, of applying pressure to others, particularly if they feel they are acting in everyone's best interest. Because of their energy and stamina, Libras are often highly prized as mates and coworkers. However, they must beware of imposing their strong views on others. They are at best when they can keep itlight and have fun - particularly since depression is difficult for them to cope with. Being attractive is extremely important to Libras, but they must beware of becoming obsessed with physical appearances. If they go too far in this regard they may compromise their dignity. Another high priority for Libras is fairness, but in their quest for equality they must seek the middle way, thus avoiding the twin pitfalls of overly accepting or judgemental behavior.
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