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Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, representing the radiant creative forces of the individual which light up the world around it. It is the second fire sign, but unlike Aries, its powerful energies are fully under control. Leo symbolizes the need of the ego to make its mark on the world. Ambition, power and self-confidence are hallmarks of this sign. The courage of The Lion and its regal bearing make it respected, if not feared, by other animals. Ruled by the Sun, Leo represents fully realized expression through powerful and directed action. Leo likes to lead, and expects others to follow with due deference. However, sharing and warmth are important to this sign as well. The sunny, leonine nature of the golden sign demands enjoyment, satisfation and harmony. On the other hand, Leo does not hesitate to give battle to the forces of injustice, oppression and darkness whenever called upon to do so. Leo can be seen as an evolutionary stage between Cancer and Virgo that transmutes protective, empathic and sensitive energies into service-oriented, discriminating and analytical ones.
Personality Type If Leo is taken to represent the fifth period of life, age 28-35, the Leo personality can be likened to the mature adult bringing the full force of his/her personality to bear on the world. Leos love to make their presence felt through the grand gesture. They dislike meanness and pettiness, and, like the regal king of the beasts, prefer to overlook anything which they consider unworthy of their attention. Big-hearted, Leos generally give a lot or not at all. Sometimes receiving the gifts of others can be difficult for them. Leos not only tend to operate on their own terms but generally display the strength to refuse an offer which is not acceptable and the steadfastness necessary to stick to their decision. In keeping with their code of honor, they generally pay off when they lose a bt or fail in an investment, and expect others to do the same. To them, the given word is the law. Leos love to be admired, not only for their physical appearance but also for what they do. Being placed on a pedestal by others does not bother them in the least. Often natural leaders, they will revel in exemplifying the best traits of the group they represent - whether family, social or political. Yet most Leos prefer accomplishing tasks without fanfare, wishing to convey a highly confident, secure image. A Leo's home is his/her castle. Those born under this sign must be proud of where they live, and when happy with their living arrangements, enjoy nothing more than sharing hospitality with others. The faithfulness of Leo is legendary - a Leo will defend family, friends and mates to the last drop of blood if necessary. Yet fixed attitudes and the attachments to outworn arrangements can also stand in the way of their growth.
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