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Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, representing quickness of thought and facile communication. It is the first air sign, mental in orientation, and thus can be compared to a lively intellect reaching out to establish contact with other emerging points of view. In the same way, it symbolizes the expanding powers of the mind excercised by the adolescent evolving toward adulthood. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is concerned with the close connection between thought and verbal expression. It is also associated with details rather than the broad view or larger picture. Liveliness, variety and change, both of experience and environment, are all vital to this airy sign. Gemini, The Twins, is the first double sign, and as such clearly indicated the need for a partner; it also holds the capacity for adaptation and even sudden reversals or direction. Gemini can be seen as an evolutoinary stage between Taurus and Cancer that transmutes fixed, earthy and practical energies into protective, empathic and sensitive ones.
Personality Type If Gemini is taken to represent the third period of life, age 14-21, the Gemini personality can be likened to the adolescent striving to reach yound adulthood. This period is typified by a desire to integrate socially but also to break away from parental and/or social authority. In fact, though outspoken, Geminis are not rebellious per se - they just revel in their own individuality, and value personal freedom above all else. Like adolescents, Geminis are attracted to excitement and change. They bore easily, and generally prefer going out in search of excitement to staying home and enjoying security and simply pleasures. Few things bring them as much satisfaction as traveling around with one or more friends looking for some trouble to get into. For Geminis, trouble means adventure, daring, innovation and perhaps the fun of recounting their exploits while embellishing a few details to liven things up a bit. Usually geminis have nervous energy to burn. The influence of the planet Mercury, the speedy ruler of Gemini, is felt here. Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods, setting new speed records wherever he flew. In keeping with this mercurial energy, Geminis are attracted to those activities that give them a lift, a sense of exaltation - if any sign could actually fly, this would be the one. Many forms of travel appeal to Geminis, from bikes and skates to cars and motorcycles. But they also tire easily, and faced with the demands of the long haul may just as soon prefer to give up or change direction. Geminis like being part of a group. They tend to liven up any social situation with their flow of ideas and verbal facility. However, they may not readily accept the responsibilities of group membership. They are often accused of being fickle and even superficial, but in their view changing one's mind is no sin. The importance of non-attachment is something a Gemini usually takes to heart.
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