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Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, but the first of what could be called the more universal signs (with Aquarius and Pisces). It is the third and last earth sign (after Taurus and Virgo), and is ruled by the fateful planet, Saturn. Capricorn symbolizes the serious oulook of maturity, but also an awareness of how the individual spirit relates to the Universe. Economy, a refusal to waste energy, and a careful approach to things all typify Capricorn's responsible attitudes. The Capricorn Goat may sensibly graze for a time on the plains but will generally seek a higher vantage point on the mountains above; ambition, drive and a striving to succeed are symbolized by this aspiring Goat. Fortunately, the ability to get to the top and stay there are characteristics of Capricorn. The fateful nature of life is sensed in this sign, but the importance of free will and assertiveness nor forgotten. Capricorn can be seen as an evolutionary stage between Sagittarius and Aquarius that transmutes philosophical, changeable and fiery energies into airy, detached and eccentric ones.
Personality Type If Capricorn is taken to represent the tenth period of life, age 63-70, the Capricorn personality can be compared to the need of a mature being for security and structural support, but also may betoken a hardening or crystallization of thoughts and ideas. The rulership of Saturn lends seriousness, feelings of responsibility, and (in contrast to Jupiter's rulership of Sagittarius) a desire to limit rather than expand. Capricorns tend toward the conservative, but this does not always keep them from seeking the heights, which they often surmount in a patient and persistent manner. Capricorns do not particularly care how long it takes them to achieve their ends. They believe in working and reworking their materials slowly and carefully, and rarely give up. Many astrologers acknowledge that Capricorn is the most difficult astrological sign to characterize, finding widely varying types born under it. Yet it seems that Capricorns all share Saturn's sense of fatalism, which grants them a sort of acceptance very different from, for example, a joyful Aquarian openness. Capricorn admits trial, difficulty, even suffering to be part of life's package. Perhaps Capricorns are most suspicious when things seem to easy or to be going too well. Furthermore Capricorns will generaly be accepting of the role they are to play in life, but can also lack the flexibility needed to change. Capricorns have an instinctive knowledge of power and how it works. Many must beware of a tendency toward dictatorial behavior. Other Capricorns, however, do not specialize in telling people what to do, but how to do it; not infrequently they can demonstrate an impressive depth of knowledge to back up their statements. Generally Capricorns give the impression that they know whereof they speak, and if they have made mistakes or headed in a wrong direction it may take persistent battering by their opponents (sometimes lasting for years) before they will admit that they were wrong, if they do at all.
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