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Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, representing deep feeling, protectiveness and the home. It is the first water sign and symbolically relates to the period when the human being typically matures, settles into a home base and acquires the use of introspection as a means to understand life. Specifically, Cancer can be compared to the evolution and refinement of emotional experience in the young adult. Having children of one's own for the first time brings out strongly protective instincts. Ruled by The Moon, Cancer is associated with highly personal emotions, and also with the life of the subconscious. Dreams are integral to the world of Cancer. If the ocean, whose tides are controlled by the moon, may be said to represent the universe of diffuse feeling, then The Crab itself can symbolize the crystallization of those emotions in a single being. The armor of The Crab hides its extremely sensitive interior world from view. Cancer can be seen as an evolutionary stage between Gemini and Leo that transmutes airy, verbal and changeable energies into fixed, steadfast and straightforward ones.
Personality Type If Cancer is taken to represent the fourth period of life, age 21-28, the Cancerian personality can be likened to the young adult seeking to establish his/her own home, career and perhaps family for the first time. Although The Crab is protective and knows how to wait, it is a mistake to think of Cancerians as passive individuals. They can be quite aggressive in getting what they want, but often prefer not to make demands, expecting others to understand their needs, sensitivities and diverse moods. A strong bond of empathy with another person is far more important to a Cancerian than reason or logic. As with the young adult, deep emotional friendship is of the utmost importance to them, and with it the corresponding need to trust and share. Indeed, Cancerians find it hard to work with those with whom they do not share a personal bond of mutual understanding. Cancerians are often unusualy people who are well aware of what sets them apart from others. Their talent for non-verbal expression is reflected in the arrangement of their home, with special emphasis on the kitchen and bedroom. Activities such as eating, sleeping, sexual expression and the sharing of affection or sympathy must be private, regular and satisfying in order to offer the unusual amount of psychological support so necessary to the Cancerian. Without these, Cancerians grow nervous and irritable. A quiet evening alone with friends can be an ecstatic experience for those born under this sign. Yet, many Cancerians have strange aspects to their personalities which must be periodically revealed in public. Generally speaking, appreciation is not as important to the Cancerian as is expression and release. Of course, Cancerians are particularly persuasive in the private sphere, where they best work their special brand of magic.
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