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Aries is the first and most elemental of the twelve signs of the zodiac, representing the beginning of all things. As the first sign it is primal in nature and resists divisiveness, analysis or attempts to explain it. Aries represents the ego and the will in their purest form, without admixture or complication. In reincarnative terms it symbolizes the spirit or soul coming to earth and in physical terms the birth and early development of the infant child. Ruled by energetic and forceful Mars, The Ram is fiery, prodigious and dynamic. It wishes to exist for its own sake, rather than to understand itself through objective comparison. This positive entity strives for the purest manifestation - it simply is. As such, Aries does not take kindly to being misunderstood or mistaken for something which it is not. Aries can be seen as an evolutionary stage between Pisces and Taurus that transmutes diffuse, watery and otherworldly energies into fixed, earthy and practical ones.
Personality Type If Aries signifies the first seven years of life, the Aries personality can be likened to the human organism wihch must be nurtured in order to survive but soon undergoes a series of developmental steps which help it to understand its surroundings. This new being also starts to impact on its environment - gaining language, perception, socialization and other survival skills in the process. Like young children, Aries tend to be spontaneous, frank and open, but also self-centered and willful. Still innocent, they apprehend the world with awe and wonder. The urge to be the star and to shine is strong in them but equally so the impulse to explore. Aries generally speaking do not seek approval to bolster their egos but rather demand that others pay attention to them, since they know the value of what they have to offer. Self-doubt is poison to them, but unless they learn the value of introspection they run the risk of breakdowns when their high self-confidence is undermined. Aries need to explore their physical limits, much as children do, in order to develop properly. They tend to prefer action to contemplation - for them, the best way to deal with a situation is not to ruminate on it at length but to do something about it promptly. Aries can suffer acutely when their attempts to act are thwarted or delayed. For this reason, they may have to learn to withdraw from life periodically in order to gain objectivity and study problems from a distance. Aries often display a strong desire to lead. Those who manifest this need to be first yet lack the necessary executive or leadership skills to do so will find themselves frustrated, even prone to self-pity. At their best Aries can be truly original and idealistic pioneers but at their worst only novelty-seeking, unfeeling egotists.
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