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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and along with Capricorn and Pisces, increasingly universal in orientation. It is the third and last air sign (after Gemini and Libra), and is ruled by the explosive planet Uranus. Aquarius symbolizes advanced thought, which takes us out of our physical state and allows us to view the infinite in all things. Aquarius also represents acceptance of all points of view, and shows the universal wisdom inherent in thoughts and actions. The Water Bearer brings clean truth and eternal wisdom of which we may all partake. Its ruler, the planet Uranus, is erratic in its motions and is powerful enough to break down any resistance. Its energies must be tamed and guided in the proper direction without dulling their impact. Aquarius teaches the values of science and extrasensory powers, and signifies the new millennium that we are poised to enter, in which out world will be transformed. Aquarius may be seen as an evolutionary stage between Capricorn and Pisces that transmutes aspiring, earthy and pragmatic energies into diffuse, watery and otherworldly ones.
Personality Type If Aquarius is taken to represent the eleventh period of life, age 70-77, the Aquarius personality can be characterized by increasing detachment from earthly life as well as a childlike, somewhat fanciful (but wise) attitude. The highly accepting orientation of the Aquarian transcends material restructions or limitations. However, the rulership of Uranus lends an unpredictability, eccentricity and erratic quality to the Aquarius personality. Those born under this sign often have a reputation for all sorts of idiosyncratic behavior. Trying to outguess an Aquarian may prove to be an impossible task. Also trying to regulate their behavior by tying them to repetitive jobs which require consistency generally does not work either. Aquarians should be given as much latitude as possible to exercise their imaginative powers and placed under as few restrictions as possible. Joy is essential to the Aquarius personality. Often Aquarians are baffled and bewildered by rejection, since they approach life with a basically open attitude. They can be far more accepting than others, and consequently assume that others will accept them as well, which is often not the case. Furthermore, they like things to go easily. A wish for happiness and understanding pervades everthing they do, but if confronted with conflict or stressful demands they can fly off the handle, go on the attack with lightning speed or simply choose to disappear. Aquarians are promoters of high ideals, valuing scientific and universal truths highly. They strive to maintain objectivity and for this reason are sometimes accused of coolness or lack of emotion. Because they can skate with ease across the surface of life, sizing up situations and reacting speedily, some find Aquarians too superficial in their approach. Paradoxically, Aquarians are often irresistably attracted to those profound, darker aspects of others that seem to figure less prominently in their own personality.
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